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The Law of Attraction and Me

I've been messing around with the Universe the past few months. I read "The Secret" a few years ago and had fun with it, and am jumping back in with both feet.

A tarot student suggested I read E Squared by Pam Grout. It's a been life changer!! The book takes you through experiments to show you how to manifest good things into your life. It's like thought-based manipulation.

This stuff works!!

So my experience is this: We were discussing the coming new year in our tarot discussion group and Donna suggested we make a bucket list. I didn't realize she meant for the coming year, and I wrote out my lifetime bucket list!! So now I have two lists. And one by one I am crossing stuff off.

It's like I think it or write it and it happens! As long as I believe it, it happens. Holy smokes!!

First, a cruise. Took a wonderful relaxing vacation to Florida and managed to fit a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas into our week!

Then, skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. I'm not really much of a skater, but I am a rabid Canadian! My friend Diane just out of the blue suggested we go together!

If it works with my personal bucket list, what will the Universe do with my Business?

So - get the book. Try it. E Squared has helped me to focus my energy, which is all that is required to make my goals (or bucket list) come to fruition!!

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