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Recharge Yourself!

I am always telling people to "take the time to breathe." It's right on my business cards!

It's so easy to get caught up in life. Being somebody who is so prone to a short attention span, I'm the worst for spinning my wheels... should I do this? or that? I tend to overthink and analyse everything these days. Leftover from my life as an IT Analyst I suppose!

My last week has been about taking some time to breathe!

The energy this has brought back to my world is fantastic! I'm excited and inspired again. Letting go of your worries for even a short time is good for your soul.

I had an opportunity to go for a kayaking and camping weekend with close friends last week. We split the gas and site fees, took turns cooking or did pot luck, went bike riding and kayaking. Glorious kayaking.

At launch... after that final foot gets into the kayak and you know you're not going to tip, there's this moment. I close my eyes in bliss as I feel weightless, afloat in on a still lake. And. I. Breathe.

Since I've been back my focus has been renewed, my creativity has been kick started, and I'm excited about the future. You'll notice the updated website, and I'm so pumped that events are back for Soul Escapes!!

So - whatever's good for your soul? Do that.

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